Keys in hand fire-fighting systems

CIRT provides a service of design, supply and installation of “key-in-hand” fire-fighting systems, choosing, according to the needs expressed by the customer, those that can offer maximum efficiency and safety, an excellent value for money always comply with national and international benchmark sing-through regulations. Our firefighting systems can be divided into two macro-groups: detection systems and shutdown systems. These plants are able to assist, control and supervise many types of shutdown systems, acting according to the principle of double consent and according to the guidelines dictated by UNI 97/95 legislation.

40 years of experience in the industry

Shutdown systems can have multiple characteristics, using different dispensing and extinguishing modes, depending on the type of areas and materials to be protected. We are able, strong of the know-out acquired in 40 years of experience in the industry, to provide, think and realize all kinds of plant: hydrants, sprinklers, dust, aerosols, foam, watermist, inert gas, halocarbon, CO2, operating in any context we need to ensure the total safety of goods and people.